Poetry by Others

Native American Poetry No Author Attributed

Bridges, Robert Nimium Fortunatus or Fortunatus Nimium
Brook, Rupert Sonnett
Brown, Fredric Imagine
Campbell, Joseph I Am the Mountainy Singer
Davidson, John Imagination
Dickinson, Emily I Died for Beauty #449
Dickinson, Emily I Like a Look of Agony #241
Hardy, Thomas Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?
Hardy, Thomas My Spirit Will Not Haunt the Mound
Hardy, Thomas Waiting Both
Henley, William Ernest A Bowl of Roses
Henley, William Ernest Invictus
Macneese, Louis British Museum Reading Room
Mynell, Alice Renouncement
Whitman, Walt Oh Captain! My Captain!
Wickham, Ana Weapons
Yeats, William Butler When You Are Old
Yeats, William Butler To A Friend